C. Hahne Mühlenwerke GmbH & Co. KG
Muehlenstr. 37 - D-32584 Loehne Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 5731 781-300
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The bottom line is that the success of a company depends predominantly on the quality of its products. To ensure the continuous top quality of the HAHNE products, an efficient and comprehensive quality assurance system was built up over the years.

Incoming raw materials are regularly and systematically inspected in our own in-house laboratory for their technological suitability and safety in regard to edibility. At the same time, the intermediate and finished products are checked for adherence to the exceptional quality standards.

Direct EDP compilation of all inspection results guarantees a concise quality control at all times and the localization of any possible production malfunctions.

Modern technology and high-performance machinery ensure that the high production volume at C. Hahne Mühlenwerke is realized while simultaneously exercising the utmost care and preserving the maximum amount of natural nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals.

The know-how of the HAHNE employees is a further important factor when considering the careful industrial processing of natural products. Not only are all the employees at HAHNE qualified specialists, but they also possess an extraordinary sense of responsibility toward the natural nutritional value inherent the products.

A perfect example of nature and industry working together as creators of healthy and delicious tasting breakfast cereals.



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