C. Hahne Mühlenwerke GmbH & Co. KG
Muehlenstr. 37 - D-32584 Loehne Germany
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"Quality first"

For over 150 years this has been the guiding principle of our family business, which is rich in tradition. HAHNE was founded in 1848 and has developed from a small mill into one of the leading cereal manufacturers in Europe.

It is this background that forms the basis of HAHNE's immense experience in the processing and production of cereal products.

Continuous further development of our production methods and products has led to an incredibly varied and high-quality range of cereal products, which we offer our international customers worldwide.

Kernel for kernel, HAHNE demands absolute top quality from all raw materials being processed. Direct importing from all over the world as well as intensive cooperation with domestic producer/grower communities ensure access to the choicest, most precious raw materials.

To support ecologically-friendly growing methods, which completely avoid the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, HAHNE pushes the sales of healthy organic cereals. Their grain comes from certified organic growers, because naturally grown grain is the best foundation for high quality cereal products.